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What's important about Paint?

Paint is not just skin deep, it is your plane's first layer of defense against the elements. It provides protection for the aluminum or composite structure from corrosion, bugs, rain and sun. The condition of your paint is not only a direct reflection of how well protected the exterior of your plane is, it also provides an element of confidence to future buyers about the overall maintenance of the aircraft inside and out. A fresh paint application not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your aircraft exterior, it also increases the value. . The process of a typical paint job will be:

The Process of a typical paint job will be:

Inspect and Disassemble

Inspecting aircraft for dents, corrosion and damage. Remove flight controls. Protect and cover plastic or fiberglass pieces.

Prepare for Paint

All areas that are non-painted surfaces are masked off. Aircraft is lighted sanded to remove paint and primer residue.


All aluminum parts are primed with a corrosion resist epoxy primer.


Applying a base coat.

Design / Graphics/ Stripes

Our team lays out a personal paint scheme. This can include custom registration numbers, pin striping, logos and lettering.


Balance of flight controls and reassembly of aircraft by a certified mechanic.
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